Our Values at Serengeti

At the heart of our brand is a set of shared values. Standing by these values and letting them guide us in our day-to-day work will ensure that we uphold the standards our clients and partners expect from us.

Our values are:

  • Empathy - Provides the key to discovery and understanding and getting insight. It goes beyond logic to engage the emotions and intuition. Only with hands-on, in-culture study can we be equipped to create solutions that resonate with people in their various contexts.
  • Collaboration - "Teamwork" is hidden in here! Issues that are hydra-headed in nature cannot be solved with a unitary approach. The sheer enormity of these problems require multi-disciplinary competencies and inter dependencies.
  • Courage - This subsumes the virtue of daring and inquisitiveness. Talent must be intrepid and inquisitive by taking responsibility to enquire.
  • Transparency - This subsumes "integrity". Good intentions; coming out of the urge to do something so well - with great quality. This is an imperative that is being forced on business - even if we didn't want it - by the democracy of technology for publishing; the internet.
  • Entrepreneurship - The rapid change means that solutions and organizations will become ever so ephemeral so a qualification for getting ahead is no longer tenure, but continuous self-improvement and the disposition to adapt.

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