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Salient issues in the Nigerian OOH and advertising industry today

  • Measurability and Accountability of advertising spend;
  • Impact/Cost Benefit
  • Inflexibility in packages which reflects space rental mentality
  • Lack of synergy between the different aspects of OOH leading to an incoherent campaign.
  • Client desire a seamless well thought through transition of its campaign from the creative to the OOH buying through to the effective usage of the platforms. E.g DSTV addresses customers needs from Decoder Sales and installation to OOH content to After sales to Customer care.
  • Economic Downturn- Solvency Problem
  • Government Regulations
  • Registration process/ Approval

Non standardized billing pattern; Billing on vacant sites

Identified gaps based on consumer behavior

  • Changing Consumer Behavior-  Modern consumer can be described in two ways: on-the-go,and connected
    • consumers are spending more time out of the house partly because of an increase in travel and commuting
    • But the smartphones keep them connected when they are away from home or work.”
    • The more time consumers spend with their mobile devices out in the world, the greater the marketing opportunity becomes
  • Need for Snackable OOH Consumption- Tailored to specific needs
  • Low Quality of OOH Campaign Output or outright complacency stakeholder; Resulting in lesser quality being ascribed to the OOH advertising.
  • Eroding Market verticals being replaced with tribes(consumers with common needs)
    • E,g Halleluyah Challenge becoming the biggest church in a very short space of time.

DisinterOOHted or disassembled market

Disrupting the market to fulfill the new gaps in the market

  • Connected OOH solution
    • Horizontal LED Transit OOH via consumer journey engagement
    • Vertical Static OOH or DOOH + Intelligent Cameras and Geo fencing.
    • Connected Conversation Extension to Mobile through cell technology
    • Real time data on consumer attribution
  • Convergence OOH solution
    • Consumer engagement at confluence locations with appreciable dwell time characteristics
    • LED + Indoor LCD + WiFi Monitization solution
    • Consumer Digital Mobile Conversation.
    • LCD interaction via virtual reality
  • Both offer Mobile marketing, and location-based ads
    • Deep understanding of the customer (where they’ve been, and what they’re likely to do next).
    • Ability to influence consumer last event by leveraging foot traffic trends to deliver a more personalized and relevant ad experience.
  • Data driven OOH Offering
    • Data sets in real-time in both the planning and delivery of OOH.
    • Data can make the elements of the platforms chosen for delivery more appropriate to the advertisers target audience, both in space and time.
    • Data can contextualise that delivery and via digital platforms, including OOH, heighten the relevance of the communication.
    • Data on EOI more accurate compared to prevailing DEC estimates
  • The new currency of OOH is Impression as a measure of consumer engagement
    • Across Static and Digital OOH as well as mobile space
    • OOH conversation centered around Campaign impact not space rental

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