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Capitalise on our wide range of premium assets accross africa

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A leading Out-of-Home company

We specialise in understanding and engaging audiences when they are out of home

New to Out of Home advertising?

The opportunities for your brand are endless. Watch our video to find out more.

Transport Infrastructure

Whether providing broad-based coverage in many markets or a single neighborhood, Bus shelter adverts can’t be ignored.

Mobile Digital OOH

Brands are shifting budgets from traditional advertising to digital channels that provide immediate interaction and measurement.

OOH Advertising

OOH advertising offers an excellent channel through which your brand can build trust.Brands aim for long term results.

Design and Prototype

Imagine going to your next meeting with a prototype instead of a cup of coffee and notepad. Prototypes can be lifesavers!

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic marketing is the future of advertising, with Google targeting 60% of digital advertising budgets spent on Programmatic ads.

Convergence Solutions

Today’s advertising industry is changing, with consumers actively engaging in an ever-diverse mix of online and offline media channels daily.

Young urban audience in shopping mall

Data Centricity

With real-time audience data, we are able to make decisions that will surely drive results for every campaign

Young urban audience in shopping mall

Audience delivery

We are experts at delivering exact audience to all brands who work with us. At Serengeti OOH, our tailor-made solutions help us go granular so much that we can take a diaper advert to a young man whose wife is due for delivery.

Young urban audience in shopping mall


Ever seen an old man with a walking stick pulling acrobatic stunts? We guess not! We are your non-conformist OOH Company with the ability to meet our clients and audiences at their various touch points

Young urban audience in shopping mall

Forerunner DNA

Embedded in the DNA of every Pridelander is the forerunner cell. No man is an Island and we go far when we go together. This is why we lead the way with AdTech initiatives and formidable tech partnerships to take the OOH landscape to greater heights.

A complete All-In-One solution

Serengeti OOH boasts of the most feature-rich digital advertising solution for SMEs and big brands. We provide precision-targeted, fully managed ad campaigns for businesses of every size & budget.

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